How To Hypnotize - 4 Best Ways For Hypnotizing People

Published: 30th June 2009
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There are as many techniques of hypnotizing people as hypnotists, because most of them work on their own unique style of getting patient into trance. In this article I will introduce you to some of the classic techniques, that should help you in developing your own approach.

Most of the time when we are trying to hypnotize someone we apply analogies to sleep, for two reasons. First, entering the trance state is very similar to sleeping, and secondly, people readily associate sleep experience, with relaxation. When using analogies to sleep while hypnotizing someone we use: repetitive auditory, visual and touch stimuli to cause drowsiness in hypnosis subject, and to convince him that his body is reacting to the hypnotist's commands.
The most commonly used techniques for hypnotyzing people are:
- Bernheim's technique
- Levitating hand technique
- Vision fixation technique
- Stage hypnosis

The Bernheim technique
We suggest, to a person we are trying to hypnotize, that his eyelids are heavy, he is drowsy and he is unable to open his eyes. When subject of hypnosis responds to suggestions about his inability to open his eyes we proceed with suggesting his hands, legs and then entire body is heavy and he can't lift it. You have to remember not to forget to talk about sleepiness, submission and peace. We give suggestions using calm, peaceful and monotone voice, to increase the drowsiness of hypnotized person. Out target is taking full control over awareness of the hypnotized person.

The levitating hand technique
We command, the person being hypnotized, to focus on the experiences drawn from one of his hands. Then gently touch the hand, to focus his mind on his hand even more. We suggest relaxation of his muscles(if the hypnotized person knows how it feels like), inertness and heat in the legs and hands. Then we suggest his hand is starting to levitate and is moving towards his face, or any other part of the body. While the hand starts to move, we give him suggestions that will strengthen this experience "... when your hand touches your face you will be sleeping deeply ...", etc. The advantage of this method is that you can see how quickly subject of hypnosis is reacting to what you do and adapt to his pace.

Vision fixation technique
We make person we are trying to hypnotize to stare at some object located about 30 cm away from his face. This is the most well-known and often used technique of hypnotizing. Our goal is to generate fatigue and drowsiness, so his tired eyes will close by themselves. The trick is to not allow patient to lose his concentration by thinking about something other than the object he is looking at. While the hypnotized person is looking at the object we suggest burning, drowsiness and severity of his eyelids. If he closes his eyes you continue hypnosis as in Bernheim's technique.

Stage hypnosis
Stage hypnosis is a very dynamic technique. It uses the authority of the hypnotist and the subconscious desire of the person getting hypnotized to impress other people. Hypnotists behaviour should be filled with power and absolute self-confidence, so that his suggestions are immediately implemented.

These four techniques are the most popular, and well known. Even if you see some hypnotist, hypnotizing people using different method, you will find many similarities to these basic techniques. It is natural for people to add a little spin to these methods, as there is no such thing as "universal recipe for hypnotizing people", try them yourself and see what works for you and what doesn't. Then adapt them for your needs, either way have fun.

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